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"Before I met Marlisa, my enjoyment of life (on a scale of 1 to 10) would probably have been around a 4 or 5. I just felt like I was at a point where life was being sucked out of me. I was in this little box where I felt responsible for everybody and everything, except for taking care of myself.

After the session with Marlisa, I could feel the shift in my mindset. Once I got my mindset straightened out and dealt with some previous trauma with her help, it freed up the energy that was consuming me. And suddenly, I started working free of all the bullshit. Right now, on a regular daily basis, my enjoyment of life, on a scale of 1 to 10, is at an 8 or 9. I’m enjoying my family, my home, and my business more.

The techniques I've learned from Marlisa have been a big game-changer. Going forward, I will continue to apply them to the different aspects of my life. It’s been wonderful."

Willow Lewis, Founder/Creative Director/Grandmom of Z, USA.

"Marlisa is an awesome Transformational Coach . She listens with such ease and makes you feel so comfortable while in her session. She is clear as to what her exceptional program can provide for you and what you will get out of it. Her session covered all my expectations and more. I recommend her highly."

Ada Malave, Moca, Puerto Rico

"I enjoyed how it felt to be in Marlisa's desire to serve and help me. I could feel how she was weaving between the cracks of what I was buying into and unconsciously telling myself. This brought several realisation's to the surface that opened things up for me. Thanks Lisa."

Billy Grant, Ceres, Scotland, United Kingdom

"It was a great experience to be coached by MarLisa Hollands. She was present, listened to what my challenge was, provided a safe space for me to express myself, enabled me to have clarity of what is the real problem for me which I can work on. I would recommend her to you If you need help, she is there to support you."

Lily Wang, United Kingdom

"MarLisa offers a safe and supportive space. Her presence is kind and non-judgmental and I very quickly found myself getting to layers of myself that I hadn't realised were there, let alone holding me back. MarLisa offered me practical tips as well as deep transformational coaching, which I have continued to use since and feel the difference for every day. Thank you!"

Emma Snipp, Maidstone, England, United Kingdom

"I am really grateful I had the opportunity to experience a coaching session with MarLisa. More than 8 000 km away, 9 hours apart, connected via Zoom, and yet I felt like MarLisa was sitting next to me, creating this safe place of trust. It was a wonderful experience and no one should hesitate to book a call with her."

Jana Turcovská, Czechia

" I had such a lovely session with MarLisa. She really helped me to shift my perspective on something I have been struggling with around expressing myself and how I feel. I felt so nurtured and safe throughout. MarLisa has so much compassion and knowledge she was able to understand the difficultly I was having. I felt so much lighter and in less of a muddle by the end of our session. MarLisa, is such a beautiful soul! Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her will truly be able to transform their life. Thank you!"

Melissa Jackson, Colchester, England, United Kingdom

"MarLisa is a truly gifted life coach who combines her natural gift of an empath with being a highly sensitive person for achieving remarkable personal results in her clients! From everything I've been able to ascertain from her studying her past trainings they have resulted in a level of expertise you'll seldom, if ever, find in the personal coaching space. Please allow me to highly recommend MarLisa of The Juicy Life Coach to anyone who seeks her counsel!"

Tom Kavanaugh, Ventura, California, United States

" MarLisa is a powerful and compassionate transformational coach. She lovingly and firmly accompany you, while you explore what is there to uncover and transform. And throughout the journey she holds a safe space for you. Her offer is so comprehensive and life-changing. I highly recommend her."

Giorgia Carloni, Milan, Lombardy, Italy

" I would really recommend working with MarLisa as a coach. Marlisa created a safe space for me and helped me uncover several blocks preventing me from getting to where I want to go, but also caringly and supportively challenged me when I needed it. I look forward to working with MarLisa again in the future. Thank you MarLisa"

Dave Crompton, Southport, England, United Kingdom

" After only one session with MarLisa I could already feel myself flying higher! MarLisa doesn’t hold back and keeps bringing wonderful nuggets to the table. I highly recommend MarLisa’s coaching services."

Catarina Campinas Furtado, Netherlands

“This is the kind of work I have wanted to do my whole life. I have not found the right person, experience, or connection with another as I have with you.”

S.G., Canada

“Thank you Marlisa for our clarity session! You held space for me to connect with myself and tune into whats really going on beneath the surface. Marlisa is a gentle & wise listening friend/coach who helps you with her intuitive insights”. 

Amit K Sharma, India

"I would like to share my recent experience with Marlisa, an exceptional coach whose guidance has made a significant impact on my journey.

Marlisa's coaching abilities were truly outstanding, as she provided me with invaluable support that led to a significant breakthrough in my endeavors. Her expertise, coupled with her genuine commitment to my success, resulted in newfound clarity and productivity.

Throughout our interactions, Marlisa demonstrated professionalism, deep understanding of the subject matter, and a genuine desire to see me succeed. Her insights were invaluable, and her coaching approach was both insightful and empowering.

Given Marlisa's exceptional coaching skills and dedication to her clients' success, I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking expert guidance and support. Whether you're striving to overcome obstacles, achieve personal or professional goals, or enhance your overall well-being, Marlisa's expertise and genuine commitment make her an invaluable ally on your journey.

Thank you, Marlisa, for your outstanding coaching and unwavering support. Your guidance has truly made a difference in my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with someone as dedicated and skilled as you."

Esther Christopher, UK

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I am a Tony Robbins coach trained in high performance, leadership, feminine empowerment, trauma, reiki and fitness. Vastly educated in my favorite,

the school of LIFE.

I am an Empath & HSP (highly soulful). You probably are too! I believe you are here for something very unique and you deserve to have a happy income to do that! You are the perfect person to have money as you share it with others.

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