Hi there,


I am a Tony Robbins coach trained in high performance, leadership, feminine empowerment, trauma, reiki and fitness.

Vastly educated in my favorite, the school of LIFE. Empath & HSP (highly soulful)

Well, that's not all...

Here's more about me

  • I love nature, animals, the sea, the sun, food, and naps.

  • I am an empath, hsp and intuitive. It has been that way since I was very little🌿

  • As soon as high school ended I traveled the world and lived in Melbourne (the most delicious food y’all!)✈️

  • I bought my first house when I was 21🏠

  • I went to college and attained my Personal Training Certificate. I love weight training and fitness🏋️‍♀️

  • I moved to Bermuda🌴 I was the only woman to serve in an all-male fine dining room. We had tableside smoked salmon, meat carving stations, and flaming special coffees the whole bit!

  • I bumped into Beyonce and Ben Kingsley in NY and I got to serve Sheryl Crow and Owen Wilson at a fine dining restaurant in Calgary.

  • I became a sommelier (wine professional)🍷

  • I have been to a hot spring in a jungle in Costa Rica, unbelievable…

  • I traveled to one different country every year until I had my little one, he is now 14!

  • I have built and renovated 4 different homes🔨

  • My dog, Indie or India🐕‍🦺 has been my trusted companion for 16 years. Just thinking about not having her in my life springs tears😥. She IS an example of unconditional love in my life.

  • I have ALWAYS wanted better for people, and better for myself. I should have known when I was nerding out on Tony Robbins videos when I was 13 thinking “how does he DO that, how does he KNOW that?” that helping others would be a passion of mine.

  • I am now in the season of my life where ✨I embrace ALL of the energy the feminine has to offer (the most powerful thing on the planet)

  • ❤️I have connected what it really means to have love for yourself and therefore love others truly (without attachment)

  • ⚽My son who is a happy, playful, joyful whirlwind (tornado at times!) allows me to have the play in my life that I never had

  • 🤔I have learned how to manage my thoughts and help others do the same (this one thing changes your whole life)

  • 🧘‍♀️I have healed the joy snatchers that lurked around since I was a child

  • 💵I really only do the things that bring me happiness and am financially supported by doing so (it is manifestation PLUS aligned action)

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